I pre-batch di Emanuel Cafe

Per quando non c'è un bar

This pre-batched cocktails line represents a new challenge for the fierce roster of Emanuel Cafe, a well-known American bar in the historical center of Salerno, and an interesting project for Lettera7 that conceived and designed it.

This research of new alchemical formulas was a diametrically opposed work where the bartenders, usually involved in a live and face to face “performance”, made a very different kind of exploration.

Negroni, Manhattan and Boulevardier now lie in seductive bottles characterized by three nearly mystical labels, where the information leaves space to the images.

Every label represents a vision stimulated by the enjoyment of the pre-batched cocktail.

Every character tells us a story inspired by fairy tales and fantastical worlds where Chimeras, demons and charming snakes live enchanted by potions prepared by chosen wizards that recall the modern alchemist bartenders. 


Manhattan – Boulevardier

To preserve their artisanal nature, we conceived these bottles as a limited number which can be marked on the back. The pre-batched cocktails of Emanuel Cafe can stand on every wine bar shelf thanks to the ability to communicate autonomously and exhaustively.

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